Leaving a Legacy



Leaving a legacy

Legacy donations are a welcome way of showing your appreciation and support for PAC.

How does it Work?

You do not have to make a new will to leave a legacy; you can simply ask your solicitor for a Codicil form. If you are currently writing your will or it is something you are considering in the near future, please consider leaving a legacy to the people we help by adding PAC to your will. Leaving a legacy to PAC will not incur any Inheritance Tax and will make a real difference to the lives of people within the UK.

For more information on the best ways to leave a legacy to PAC, please contact us on 020 7935 0641 or email admin@professionalsaid.org.uk

In Remembrance

Family and friends of the individuals we have helped through their difficult times sometimes want to show their appreciation to PAC by making a donation in memory of their loved one. We make this a very straightforward and caring process for you and are grateful for any amount you wish to donate, whatever the value.

If you are considering making a donation please contact us on 020 7935 0641 or email  admin@professionalsaid.org.uk