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About us

The Guild of Aid is a small benevolent fund which has helped people in the UK to combat poverty for over a century. We help those who have, for reasons out of their control, fallen on hard times and have nowhere else to turn.


Set up by Hearth and Home magazine in 1904, readers became members of the Guild by paying one guinea subscription and were entitled to nominate people they felt could benefit from the Guild’s funds. The Guild answered these requests for help through directly granting specific gifts such as clothes and bedding as well as monetary support. At a time when the Welfare State was still undreamed-of, the Guild soon became a popular benevolent fund, helping those worst affected by poverty in the UK.

The Guild of Aid today

Over one hundred years later, The Guild of Aid is still passionate in our mission to help those affected by financial difficulties. In today’s society, investing in a good education or having a reputable family background no longer guarantees financial security for people in the UK. In fact, it is often individuals with these attributes who are worst affected by poverty as they are either exempt from help or are not aware of the support available. The Guild of Aid believes that these values of good education and community standing should continue to be upheld in local communities. We strive to help those who are often isolated because of their financial difficulty to gain a better quality of life. We give advice on the welfare benefits an individual may be entitled to. We also link individuals to affiliated charities and organisations who may be able to over further advice and support. We are also able to give financial assistance depending on an individual’s needs. For more information on how we can support you or someone you know, please read our How We Help section.

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Professionals Aid Council

We work closely with other benevolent funds but in particular the Professionals Aid Council.  More information on PAC can be found on their website www.professionalsaid.org.uk.